Jessie Alice Haskins wrote these remarks in a March 1896 letter that appeared in the Minnesota Bulletin of Corrections and Charities. Haskins was a Carleton College student who joined Dr. Arthur Gillette in his efforts to lobby the Minnesota legislature for money to build what would be the first hospital in the United States to care for children who have disabilities. Haskins had a severe curvature of the spine and a speech by Dr. Arthur Gillette inspired to work on behalf of children who have disabilities.

#008 | Jessie Haskins

October 13, 2022

“Something should be done to provide schools for children that could have been easily cured at first, grow up uncared for and gradually grow worse until they are incurable. This seems intolerable…We should have state institutions where children could have the latest scientific treatment and their education could progress under more favorable circumstances than in the public schools.”

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