Tori Bahr, MD, is an Internal Medicine and Pediatric Physician, and the Associate Medical Director of Pediatrics at Gillette.

#020 | Tori Bahr, MD

October 13, 2022

Before starting medical school I worked for a young woman with muscular dystrophy. I attended MDA camp and later spent time shadowing in Gillette's Muscular Dystrophy clinic. I secretly had dreams of working at Gillette after that experience and over a decade later here I am!

Gillette is a system that truly understands the importance of universal yet individualized care. We know all patients deserve the opportunity for excellent and innovative care. Understanding the nuances of rare, complex diseases in the context of the family and environment the child lives in requires creativity. Every day I get to meet patients and families where they are at, get to know their hopes and dreams for the future, and build a team that is going to get them there. There is always room to ask the question "what if..." at Gillette.  

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