Susan Novotny, PhD, is a clinical scientist in the Orthopedic Research Program at Gillette. She co-leads the program with Jennifer Laine, MD, who was the first specialist to see Susan’s son for a rare genetic condition before Susan began working at Gillette.

#110 | Susan Novotny

November 29, 2022

“My introduction to Gillette was the same as every other parent who walks through Gillette’s door. I can relate to the emotional journey parents experience as they desperately seek answers about their child’s health.  My research seeks to answer many of the unknown questions surrounding the impact of musculoskeletal disease on children. I am driven to provide scientific evidence that helps both families and specialists make the best care decisions for each child. I am confident that our research will improve care and help cultivate a journey that results in each child thriving and living their best life.”

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