Margaret McGregor graduated from nursing school at St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Paul in 1905. She went on to study nursing at the University of Minnesota before joining the Red Cross in 1921. She was stationed in Estonia and charged with organizing nursing services during war restoration efforts. Margaret’s sister, Elizabeth McGregor, was appointed by Dr. Arthur Gillette as the superintendent of the hospital at Phalen Park in St. Paul, MN. Elizabeth McGregor was having difficulties hiring and keeping what she deemed to be highly trained nurses to care for the children. The solution to this problem was as close as her sister. When Margaret returned to St. Paul in 1922, her sister Elizabeth persuaded her become the superintendent of nurses. Historic records state that Margaret McGregor’s tenure as superintendent of nurses “Brought relative peace to the nursing staff for the next twenty years.” The McGregor sisters were respected for their leadership and determination to provide excellent health care to children.

#092 | Margaret McGregor

November 2, 2022

She was a good nurse, and very sympathetic, except you wouldn't realize it until something [bad] happened. Then she'd take care of you and you knew she was thinking of people.

-Jean Conklin, who became hospital superintendent in 1949, speaking about Margaret McGregor

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