Kaitlin Lewis is a Therapeutic Recreation specialist at Gillette Children’s. Therapeutic recreation interventions help individuals who have disabilities get involved in recreational and leisure activities, and enjoy an active lifestyle.

#106 | Kaitlin Lewis

November 28, 2022

“What I love most about being a Therapeutic Recreation specialist is experiencing the excitement and sometimes relief a patient has when they learn about something they can do that they’re passionate or curious about,” Lewis says. “Many families who have not experienced recreational therapy often didn’t know that some of these services and programs outside our hospital existed.”

Lewis says that what brought her to Gillette was its reputation for providing comprehensive, compassionate care for patients and families

“I came to Gillette initially because it was apparent that this would be a rewarding and diverse place to work that would offer the chance to solve complex challenges.” Lewis says, “What keeps me here is 100% the people. I learn so much from my patients and colleagues every day, and I look forward to every encounter.”

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