Za’Nii had Halo-Gravity-Traction surgery at Gillette Children’s, which was followed by spinal fusion surgery by attaching titanium bars known as Magec rods to Za’Nii’s spine. The benefit of using Magec rods is that they allow the patient to continue growing while their spine is slowly straightened through incremental adjustments over time.

#018 | Za'nii Roundtree

October 13, 2022

“Za’Nii has had to wait for a lot of stuff to happen for her, and too long in most cases. She has had to learn how to do things in different ways than other kids, but because of that, her excitement is infectious. She loves to do basically anything: Art, molding clay, going to the mall (she definitely loves shopping). I try not to treat her differently than anyone else and I encourage her two siblings to do the same. Our journey has been a long road, but it’s the one we’re on. – Amber Edison, Za’Nii’s mother

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