Dave Kettering is a pet therapy volunteer at Gillette Children's.

#043 | Dave Kettering

October 13, 2022

You know the days when Dave and his therapy dog Sarah are on our St. Paul campus—when the white ball of fluff brightens just about everyone’s day.

“Sarah can’t wait to make new friends,” says Dave about the days that he pulls up to Gillette. “She sees the entrance to the hospital and can barely sit still. She gets to the door and is ready to go!”

Dave has been a part of Gillette for many years. A member of the Gillette Children’s Foundation board of directors in the 1990s, he began volunteering for pet therapy in 2002.

A survivor of the polio outbreak in the late 1940s, Dave says he remembers all the caregivers who did so much for him. “This is my opportunity to give back to all those who were part of my care when I was a boy.”

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