Michael Holley was a micro preemie and was born at just 26 weeks and two days. After he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy his parents, Louise and Brian, came to Gillette Children’s because they knew it was one of the top centers in the world for cerebral palsy care. Michael has been coming to Gillette for more than 8 years and enjoys the fact that his therapists incorporate his love of basketball into his therapy sessions.

#055 | Michael Holley

October 13, 2022

“The older Michael gets the more confident he is. I know he feels this way because his Gillette doctors and therapists are always positive and treat our family with respect.” –Louise Holley, mother to Michael

“We have the same hopes any parent would have for their child. Thanks to our partnership with Gillette, we know Michael will grow up, live, work and maybe have a family. We are a family that is anchored in hope!” – Brian Holley, father to Michael

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