Retired pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Steven Koop, MD, cared for Gillette Children’s patients for more than 37 years. He joined Gillette in 1985, became its medical director, and is now the first Teacher Emeritus at Gillette. In his new role, he assists the director of Graduate Medical Education (GME) and is a mentor to current and incoming physicians. Dr. Koop has contributed to the development of more than 600 medical students, residents, and fellows in orthopedic surgery.

#085 | Steven Koop, MD

October 25, 2022

“As a physician, Gillette Children’s is a place where you grow up with the patients you care for. I initially was going to be in family practice. That's what I thought I was going to do. And then I changed to do orthopedics. I tell the residents who come and work with us all the time that the work here comes as close to being family medicine as any specialty surgical practice ever could. That’s because you get to spend years in relationships with families and kids and you learn from them.”

--Steven Koop,MD

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