Neurosciences Educational Specialist, Sarah Conlin, began as a nurse on the neurology unit of Gillette Children’s in 2002. She was encouraged to pursue a master’s degree at St. Catherine University in 2018 so she could become an education specialist.

#108 | Sarah Conlin

November 28, 2022

“I really have the best of both worlds in my job. I get to work every day with the nurses who are our bedside experts. I also really love tackling projects to help the nurses provide even more effective care for our patients in the neuroscience unit. I look at what we want the outcomes to be for a patient and then provide support, education, and training for our nursing team.  

I have personal connections to Gillette. I first came here because my niece received cleft lip and palate care. My family raved about the treatment my niece received and it inspired me to take my nursing skills to Gillette.  

In 2010 my grandfather passed away and one of my aunts found his journals and writing. We were reading them at our family Christmas celebration, and we discovered my father’s sister, Ramona, received care at the old Gillette building on Lake Phalen. Sadly, Ramona died when she was 2. In my grandfather’s journal there was information about how his mother, my great grandmother, was grateful to Gillette for giving her hope and treating her daughter. Sometimes when I see those historic photos of the Gillette Phalen building, I think, ‘My gosh, that’s where Ramona was.’ I feel so connected to Gillette.”  

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