Arthur Gillette, MD (Oct. 28, 1869 – March 21, 1921) was Minnesota’s first full-time orthopedist, an instructor at the University of Minnesota Medical School and the founder of what is now Gillette Children’s. Gillette joined Carleton College student, Jessie Haskins, in 1897, to lobby the Minnesota legislature for money to fund what would be the first hospital in the United States to care for children who have disabilities.

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October 13, 2022

“The surgery, then, of infants and children, and the medical treatment as well, is so widely different from adult surgical diseases and medical diseases, that a special education for the nurses and for the doctors is necessary, and a special hospital, especially built and especially equipped for orthopedic cases is imperative.” --Arthur Gillette, MD to the St. Paul Medical Journal, 1909

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