A retired USPS carrier found a way to turn negative self-talk into the positive.

#022 | Ralph Ludden

October 13, 2022

Ralph Ludden and his colleagues had to put a nickel in a can every time they said “Yeah, but…”. Every Christmas, the contents of the jar were donated to Gillette.  Upon retirement, Ralph took the can home. 10 years later, in 2021, he stumbled upon the can once more. With $29 in nickels, he sent the donation where it was always meant to be – Gillette.

“My wife found the can, badly rusted, and asked what I wanted to do with it. I dumped the money out - just under $29. So I'm sending you a check for $30. Spend it on something for the children, from the workers at Dayton’s Bluff Post Office.”

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