Marnie Falk, JD, is Gillette Children’s director of public policy. She embodies our mission of advocacy by working with the Minnesota Legislature, state agencies and community organizations to promote policy and legislation that improves health care and advances disability equity for our patients and children across the state.

#057 | Marnie Falk

October 13, 2022

“It is so meaningful to me that Gillette Children’s was founded through advocacy. Jessie Haskins, a woman with a disability who was also a student at Carleton college in the 1800s, worked in partnership with Dr. Arthur Gillette to convince the Minnesota legislature to create Gillette Children’s. Her story is a powerful illustration of advocacy creating positive change.”  

“Knowing that our work directly impacts the lives of our patients and families is what motivates me. We are focused on improving the health care system and helping to eliminate barriers experienced by our patients, such as with insurance network access or services available within the Medicaid program. We are also focused on supporting the work already being done by leaders in the disability community to create a more equitable and accessible state for all Minnesotans. I am so thankful that Gillette Children’s patients and families are willing to share their stories and advocate, and that Gillette Children’s staff bring forward ideas for needed policy changes. I am also grateful for the elected officials and government staff who share our vision and work hard to help turn proposed solutions into law. Advocacy is a team effort!”

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