Delissa Kearney says an ultrasound when she was 20 weeks pregnant detected her daughter, Heavenly Smith, would be born with a cleft lip.

#063 | Heavenly Smith

October 13, 2022

“At first, I really did cry a lot. That’s because I was worried about what it meant for my daughter, and I was concerned she would eventually face teasing at school. But Dr Barta and the Gillette team were really helpful. I would tell parents to put your trust in these surgeons at Gillette. They see this all the time and they will help you realize that everything will turn out amazing.”

Delissa Kearney—mother to Gillette patient Heavenly Smith. Gillette Children's craniofacial and plastic surgeon, Jo Barta, MD, repaired Heavenly’s cleft lip in February 2022.

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