Abby Bauleke is a Paralympian. Abby and her Wheelchair Basketball team competed in the 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan and came home with the Bronze Medal. Abby and her family met Marshall Taniguchi, MD at Gillette Children’s when she was 6, and they’ve been seeing him four times a year, every year since.

#071 | Abby Bauleke

October 13, 2022

“I kind of don’t remember a time that I haven’t known Dr. Taniguchi. He came up with the perfect concoction and treatment for my legs that made things easier for me. But more than that, even when I was very young, he always did such a great job of explaining things to me. He made what could’ve been a scary time feel safe, ”Abby says. “Going forward, I know there's life outside of basketball, so I'm looking at being a child life specialist to help kids and families who are going through stuff similar to what I went through."

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