Colton Byrnes loves to sing and dance, and could probably perform the entire production of “Hamilton” right now if you asked him to do so. His parents describe him as a warm and loving child, but there’s another thing about Colton that you might not know if you just met him: he’s had 60 surgeries to date. Not all of the procedures were invasive, but many were and all of them certainly disrupted what most of us would think a typical childhood should be.

#076 | Colton Byrnes

October 13, 2022

“We joke in our family that Colton is the 20-million-dollar man, because cumulatively, that’s about what his medical care has cost during the course of his life,” his mother, Aubrey says. “He’s worth every penny, but that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been challenges medically, emotionally and financially along the way. Colton still faces challenges, but we consider ourselves fortunate to have a medical facility like Gillette to help us navigate this journey.”

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