Gillette pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Andrew Georgiadis, MD is the clinical manager of the James R. Gage Center for Gait and Motion Analysis, co-directing the laboratory with Adam Rozumalski, PhD. The center is known worldwide for expertise in diagnosing and planning treatments for people who have walking and movement disorders. Dr. Georgiadis began his career at Gillette in 2016. He’s proud of the work and the database created by longtime Gillette physician, Steven Koop, MD, and the clinical work done by his mentor and colleague Dr. Tom Novacheck. Dr. Georgiadis finds the lab to be an intellectually stimulating clinical environment, staffed by experienced therapists and creative and hardworking engineers, like Mike Schwartz, PhD, whose research has provided the fuel for many of Gillette’s advancements.

#079 | Andrew Georgiadis, MD

October 13, 2022

“I have the fortune of coming into this fully formed, mature Gait Lab that these gentlemen built. There is a wonderful model of care at Gillette. I’m not constrained by time in a way I would be in a different place. At Gillette I can talk to a patient and family for 45 minutes about many things. You get to build strong connections here. On a daily basis I get gifts and letters from my patients. I’m passing them on our little skyway bridge or in the hallways. I know these patients and because I have the time to talk to them, I have a personal relationship with them.”

--Andrew Georgiadis, MD

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