Robert Spencer spent the last 18 years bringing his dedication and positive vibe to Gillette Children’s. As a member of the environmental services team in the Environment of Care department, Robert makes sure Gillette looks good and remains safe as patients, families, visitors and our team members enter our public spaces. Robert is known for more than his dedication to keeping Gillette clean. The official DJ for many Gillette events and outings, he brings his brand of “chill” with the tunes he chooses.

#083 | Robert Spencer

October 25, 2022

On his role on the environmental services team:

“During the pandemic, our housekeeping team really came together. Making it safe for everyone who comes through these doors, and helping people feel comfortable when they’re here—that was our role.”

About being a DJ:

“I like to play music and see people enjoy themselves. Sometimes dancing and listening to music helps you unwind. When I’m a DJ at an event and I see people dancing – people who you don’t think would be out on the dance floor – I know I’m doing my job.”

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