For more than ten years, Rhonda Cady, PhD, has brought her focus and dedication to one of the pillars of Gillette’s mission: research and innovation. Rhonda is a clinical scientist and the leader of Gillette’s Health Services Research Program. She is also an adjunct faculty in the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. Equally important, Rhonda is a “dream accomplice” in reaching a day when children and youth living with special health needs have the supports they deserve to thrive in their communities. She works tirelessly to help others recognize the value of the fundamentals of patient- and family-centered care.

#094 | Rhonda Cady

November 4, 2022

“I’m particularly interested in the effect of care coordination on quality of life and well-being for children living with medical complexity,” says Rhonda. “I also want to learn more about families’ use of technology to improve care delivery for children.”

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