Kai and Micah Bullerman live in Belle Plaine, love playing baseball, hockey and being as active as possible. The brothers have also both been patients at Gillette Children’s.

#096 | Kai & Micah Bullerman

November 8, 2022

“For Micah it was his back pain,” Kai and Micah’s mother, Melissa Bullerman says. “He has an extra vertebrae in his spine and while he hasn’t been diagnosed with scoliosis yet, it’s something we’ll be monitoring as he grows.”

For Kai, the symptoms of his condition were more subtle.

“We weren’t sure what to make of it at first, but Kai would have these little ‘space-outs’ throughout the course of the day,” Melissa says. “When it kept happening, we took him to Gillette where it was revealed that these events were seizures and that Kai had epilepsy.”

At the worst of it, Kai was having 400 seizures a day. Now with the medication and treatment from the team at Gillette, Kai is celebrating three years of being seizure free.

“Our family has been unbelievably lucky,” Melissa says. “Because of the care we received at Gillette, our sons are back hiking, camping, playing sports and doing the things they love to do.”

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