Michael Schwartz, PhD, is a Gillette Children’s research scientist who has worked with the team at the James R. Gage Center for Gait and Motion Analysis for more than 25 years. Schwartz helps to develop and improve the technology used to analyze a patient’s movements. He’s also part of a team conducting research to improve patient care.

#100 | Michael Schwartz

November 15, 2022

“It’s amazing how much things have changed since I started doing gait analysis in 1984 as an undergraduate at Michigan State University. We used to have little ‘pompoms’ that we put on patients, and we used highspeed cinematic film that we would have to send to Hollywood to be developed. It would take many hours to process just one stride for one patient. Today, we can turn around an entire lab with the technology very rapidly. The technology and the data we’re able to collect has just exploded. Today, at Gillette, we have a database of about 25,000 gait and motion analyses and this information helps us to better understand how we can help patients.”

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