In her more than 21 years at Gillette, Virginie Yang has seen a lot of change. “Gillette had a medical records room on the first floor where we would do chart preparation for the next day,” says Virginie, who started out as a customer service representative—but now is a senior consultant with our electronic medical records team. “We would wheel these huge carts of records from the first floor to the fourth floor so physicians and providers could be ready for the next clinic day. Medical records included paper and x-rays. All that is now gone. Everything is electronic and paperless.” Virginie says even though health care has evolved over the years, she’s proud that Gillette always keeps its focus on the care of our patients.

#104 | Virginie Yang

November 21, 2022

“Gillette had a partnership with local colleges where they brought professors on site to teach general courses. I benefitted from those. Gillette always supports employees to be better, so in return we can take good care of our patients.”

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