In 1985, Denise Walters thought she was coming to Gillette for a two-week internship. It was part of her higher education at St. Paul Technical Vocational Institute to learn more about being a medical secretary. Before that short internship was over, she was asked to join the staff. She spent the next 36 years as Steven Koop, MD’s administrative assistant! “I find it amazing that Gillette has held up through all the changes over the years. Changes in insurance, technology and many other things,” says Denise, who retired in 2020. “But the patients we serve, their needs never change. They will always need Gillette, and Gillette will always be the best place to get care.”

#112 | Denise Walters

December 13, 2022

“I liked being able to bond with the families we served. I was there if they needed me, to help them get through upcoming appointments whether it be clinic or surgery. Getting to know the families was very important to me.”

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