Shannon Wier is a Certified Child Life Specialist at Gillette Children's.

#113 | Shannon Wier

December 13, 2022

“After walking through the doors of Gillette Children’s with my son in tow I could instantly feel the warmth and compassion the staff members had for patients and family members. I remember thinking, ‘I want to work at Gillette,’” Shannon Wier says. “I began working toward a second career of becoming a Certified Child Life Specialist.”

“Eight years ago, my dream came true of becoming employed at Gillette. Each day that I walk through the door I remind myself how thankful that I am to be a part of the Gillette organization,” Wier continues. “One of my favorite parts of being a Child Life Specialist is forming a plan with a patient who is feeling anxious and providing the tools to minimize anxiety and maximize coping. To watch the patient, accomplish a goal that was once thought to be impossible is truly amazing. I enjoy celebrating with each patient and family member no matter the goal, big or small. I am grateful to team with patients and families as they propel forward in their journey.”

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